If trees could talk…. A Forrest Story.

18 Oct


Imagine if the forest could talk.  If the trees could give testimony to what they have seen, we might fall silent.  This forest has grown-up under the vast blue African sky, been sustained by the heavy seasons of rain, and survived the heat of the scorching sun.  As the trees grew, children played in their branches and the weary found rest in their shade.

But twenty years ago the story of this place began to change.  As the conflict in northern Uganda reached its violent peak, this forest’s story became one of survival; bearing witness to the pain of the Acholi people.  It stood tall during the nights when the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) roamed through it, creeping their way towards town to wage their violent political campaigns and abductions.  On occasion, it provided a hiding place for the rebels to rest and regroup.

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refections and resolutions.

17 Jan

i have been spending the weeks refecting on the last year and dreaming about the one to come.  here is what i came up with.  (originally got these questions from one of my favorite bloggers. check her out here.

in 2011…

3-5 words that describe 2011: grounding, gratitude, joy, repetition, healing

if 2011 was a book i’d title it: Repetition is Not Failure: Grasping Repeat Opportunities with Intention.

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what i learned from the december photo project…

1 Jan

i am so grateful that i participated in the DPP this year. it was fun. it took some intention. it took some commitment.  here are a few things that i learned looking at my life through a daily camera lense:


1.) it takes commitment to do ANYTHING, daily, for a period of time. taking the pictures was much easier than uploading and sharing them!

2.) it truly is a beautiful life. i am so blessed. my family. my friends. the daily moments are all covered in photo opportunities and beauty to share.

3.) when i shared pieces of my life i saw them differently that i normally do. i really wasn’t attempting to “put my best foot forward” or hide anything but something amazing happened when i would take pictures of what was in front of me and share them… i was more grateful for them. i saw them for what they really were: giggles from little babies, games with toddlers, snow covered lights, and moments with family and friends…all gifts from God. all beautiful, priceless gifts from God.

4.) my boys are handsome. i mean really… seriously!

5.) i will be doing DPP again next year!


Thanks for journeying with me! Happy January!

DPP. December 31. Laughter!

31 Dec

2011. it ended almost the exact same way it started: a few good friend, some yummy food and drink, good music to dance to, a smooch from my love, and a whole lot of laughter.  2011 was good to me. it really was. it wasn’t perfect by any means but it was a good year.  solid. grounded. grateful. new life. intention. friends. home. laughter. all things that saw me through 2011.  here’s to hoping for more of the same in 2012… and maybe a little flight here and there for this free bird who has found peace anchored in a nest! to 2012!

DPP. December 30. BATH

30 Dec

this happens every night at our house…and it is CRAZY! bath time with two boys usually involves water escaping the tub, a little baby thinking he is bigger than he is and falling into the water, bubbles on soapy hair and giggles…lots of giggles!

DPP. December 24 – December 29

29 Dec

wow. what an awesome christmas. so busy and so beautiful. i have been snapping but i am just now getting around to posting pictures. so…he are the last 6 days of life with my family.  i’ll do my best to be brief.

december 24. a giving heart.

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DPP. December 23. What joy looks like.

23 Dec

Kimbal snapped this shot today. This is so what my life is about. I am beyond grateful!